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A selection of exciting day trips in private or in group !


1Day-Bolaven Plateau  

Embark on a full day trip to the Bolaven Plateau, discover a village specialized in blacksmith, tea plantations, 3 unique waterfalls, taste local coffee brewed by locals, and learn about the customs and traditions of 3 different tribes, the Katou, the Gne and the Alak. 


Bolaven  1/2 Day 

Discover the 3 most renowned waterfalls of the Bolaven Plateau as well as visit tea and coffee plantation as this 5 hour excursion is just outside of Pakse City.


Champasak by boat 

Enjoy a boat ride along the mighty Mekong river from Pakse to Champasak and immerse yourself in a variety of eras from early, classical Khmer architecture (7th-12th century) through French colonial buildings (19th-20th century) to Buddhist temples and local village life.

wat phou.jpg

Watphou 1/2 Day

Travel time, and stumble on the first ever Khmer (Pre-agkorian) temple. Sited as a UNESCO site in 2001, it is a relic of the Khmer Empire. Visit Wat Meuang Kang, one of the oldest buddhist temple ever built in Laos.


4000Islands 1 Day

Travel your way to the lost archipelago, take a boat to Don Khone (famous for its French colonial remains). Discover the rocky Liphi Waterfalls, as well as the Khone Papheng waterfall, known for its size as the South-East Asian Niagra falls.

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