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Bolaven Plateau half day

The Bolaven Plateau is a vast highland rising east of Pakse to an altitude of 1000-1350 meters above sea level. Created by a gigantic extinct  volcano, its cooler climate, abundant rainfall and fertile soil  inspired the French colonialists in the early 20th century to introduce large scale cash crop farming like coffee, tea, rubber and tobacco to the local tribes, namely the Laven (Bo-Laven = Home of the Laven), Alak, Katu, Ta-oy and Suay. Numerous rivers cutting deep into the hard volcanic bedrock have created a wide variety of waterfalls, some of them easily accessible by road. Being famous for the production of world class coffee, it has recently become a sought after tourist destination.

Departure: 08.00 hrs

Return: 14.00 hrs

08.30 hrs – 08.50 hrs

The first stop is the Ban Blacksmith village, spread out alongside the main access road to Bolaven. Several small family-run workshops offer their production of various farming tools, machetes and knives, all forged in simple smithies open for anyone to see.

Note: There will be no work on Buddha days.

3. Tad Fan.jpg

09.20 hrs – 10.20 hrs

After a short drive the twin falls of Tad Fane are reached. With a height of 120 meters they are the tallest in Laos. The spacious wooden platform at the edge of the cliff presents a clear, unobstructed view onto the fall. The most exciting perspectives of this natural wonder are seen from the daring zipline traversing the canyon. To avoid long waiting times it is recommended to make a reservation at least one day in advance.

11.30 hrs – 12h00 hrs

Just a short drive away we arrive at Tad Yuang. There are great views of the 40 meter tall fall from the top, side and bottom. On top there is picnic area right at the riverside and a restaurant overlooking the stream. A lunch will be served to the thundering sound of water plummeting into the deep. For the fit and adventurous a steep stairway winds down to the pool at the foot of the waterfall.

6. Coffee & tea at Mme South shop.jpg

11.30 hrs – 13.20 hrs

Having concluded lunch at Tad Yuang the tour proceeds back to the main road to the final stop at the Lak 40 Café to enjoy homegrown organic coffee, tea, cocoa or fruit shakes. Amidst of plants and trees indigenous to Bolaven this charming place holds a coffee and tea processing facility open for interested visitors. Their lush garden also welcomes you to go for a relaxed walk. A wide selection of organic products is also available there.

14.00 hrs
Arrive in

TOTAL COVERED DISTANCE: around 100 Kilometers.

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