Laos is known for being a landlocked country which means that it has no coastline,but it is still the home to the Si Phan Don Islands which translate as ‘Four Thousand Islands’ in Lao language.


Often described as the Niagara falls of South East Asia, the Khone Papheng waterfall is the biggest in the region with 49,000 meter cube of water flowing from it every second (during rainy season). The Khone Papheng waterfall is the primary reason why they are no straight river/trade routes with china. During the 19th century the french colonials were stopped by this waterfall and shortly after abandoned the trade route that they were building.


The rocky Li Phi waterfalls, are very unique due to its structure formed through volcanic rocks. Its name is the base of two words, the word fishing net "li" and the word Ghost/spirit "Phi". The waterfalls also has a beach at its feet where you can enjoy a swim.


The remains of the french colonial era can be observed through out the two main islands (Don Khone and Don Det). It is an impressive engineering marvel as it helped from the early 1800s to the beginning of world war 2 by transporting merchandise as well as people. It was the only railway in Laos until 2009. Prior to its construction it was impossible to navigate the rain forest due to heavy rains.


Don Khone, is the 3rd biggest island in the 4000 Islands. It holds the majority of attractions and sight seeing of the region, such as the Liphi waterfalls, and the endangered Irraawaddy dolphins. It is easy to reach Don Det from Don Khone thanks to the colonial bridge connecting the 2 main touristic islands since the 1800s.


Don Det is the smallest islands out of the 4 main islands (Don Khong, Don Som, Don Khone and Don Det). Despite its size it has seen a massive growth, with touristic attractions and infrastructure put in place. Don Det is most enjoyable on a bicycle for a day trip or half day.


Khong Island or Don Khong is the largest island and more developed island in the Si Phan Don riverine archipelago located in the Mekong River. Don Khong offers real Lao life paired with a relaxed pace and astonishing river views.
You can do visit the Island in a day, and it is not physically demanding as compared to many other treks you can find in southern Laos, but the humidity and heat can make it challenging during the dry season.