Rich in traditions , the plateau is stunning location with fertile land and unspoiled hiking trails and a home of hundreds of stunning waterfalls.

Visit lush tea plantation, taste local and organic coffee prepared by coffee growers and meet minority tribes of Laven, Katou, Gne and Alak.


Situated 38 kilometers from Pakse, Tad Fan is one of the tallest waterfall in South East Asia, towering a staggering 130 meters. The twin waterfalls offer a sight for sore eyes, a zip-line is also available for the daring ones, taking you atop of the fall and offering an amazing view over the Boloven Plateau


2 kilometers from the infamous Tad Fan, Tad Yuang offers a completely different perspectives of waterfalls, accessible from the top as well as from its feet, the site has been renovated with beautiful dirt paths to enjoy the splendid nature of the Boloven Plateau.



Located at 90km Northeast of Pakse, Tad Lo waterfall is one of the most stunning waterfalls on the bank of Xe Set which makes it the primary tourist destination in Salavanh Province as it offers a relaxing environment and the opportunity to swim, feed and ride an elephant. 
Tad Lo is made of three waterfalls, one beside the village, the second a kilometer away upstream, and the third is sited eight kilometers away. 
Immerse yourself in the beauty of this environments surrounded by the ethnics’ minority of Alak and Katu tribes.


Tad Pha Suam is a wide 6m high waterfall that stretches around a U-shaped cliff. 
Its name ‘suam’ means ‘room’ in Lao. The falls flow year-round from the Houai Champi River as it descends across the Bolaven Plateau from the north in Salavanh province. 

 Pha Suam waterfall is a great place to have a first stop as you can not only see a nice waterfall with some huge fish swimming around but you can swim in the natural rock pool too.


Tad E-Tu is located 35 km east of Pakse and 15 km west of Paksong. 
Walk down the slippery and steep stairs to the waterfall base, so take note to wear good hiking shoes .
You can enjoy swimming and relaxation in the beautiful natural ponds in dry season.


Although less visited than the other main waterfall attractions on the Plateau due to the rough road condition to the waterfall especially in rainy season, Tad Champi waterfall offers a quiet and peaceful retreat into nature, suitable for swimming and picnic.
Note: Not to be confused with Tad Champee along Road 20 to Tad Lo waterfall.