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Sekong Province is one of the least explored provinces in Laos due to the rugged landscape and mountainous terrain that rises to the Dacheung Plateau. Known as the most ethically diverse province in Southern Laos, Sekong has 14 distinct ethnic groups belonging to the Mon-Khmer linguistic family. Discover the The Katu and Talieng which are the largest ethnic groups in the province and are noted for their unique religious practices that mix animism and ancestor worship.


Ban Khan Don – A Multi-Ethnic Village

Ban Khan Don is a small village in Sekong, home to several ethnic groups such as the Katou, Alak and Nge. Here you can see the traditional way of life in the community house, which displays some of their culture and artifacts.

Learn about an interesting custom of the Katou people – coffins. Families carve wooden coffins for each family member well before their deaths and keep them under their houses or rice storages.

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